Business Expertise

Kalibox is a specialist in the field of healthcare

Kalibox's central position in Europe

We occupy a central position in Europe

Our distribution centre is located in the North of Paris, a central position in Western Europe, which enables us to easily reach all European markets.

Solutions to Secure the Transport of Temperature-Sensitive Products

Kalibox proposes a wide range of temperature-controlled packaging: single use box shippers, insulated pallet shippers, reusable containers and cooling travel bags. The use of high density polyurethan foam provides our insulated solutions with remarkable performances and autonomy.

Our patented BRT™ device (Thermal Regulated Buffer) avoids traditional defrosting protocols and secures medicinal products against the risk of freezing. In addition, the flexibility of our injection process allows us to develop standard pre-qualified packaging as well as tailor-made solutions.

Testing and Metrology Laboratory

Since drugs require a high level of security, all our solutions are validated through rigorous qualification protocols. Kalibox has significantly invested in the development of its own testing and metrology laboratory and in high-tech equipment in order to offer a high level of performance and reactivity to its clients. Our qualification reports meet all regulatory requirements, are aligned with Good Distribution Practices, and comply with the NF S99-700 standard.

Audit and Training

Kalibox accompanies its customers during their cold chain project through audits and training courses, qualifications and complementary testing in environmental chambers, thermal mapping projects and projects examining the traceability of temperatures in logistical circuits.