Our Vision

Kalibox Headquarters Building

At Kalibox, we are drawn to a set of core values that guide our actions as a company. We believe that our success is the product of these shared values.

An in-depth understanding of your needs

Given the thermal sensitivity of medicinal products and the increasingly stringent requirements of health authorities, a demanding and documented performance is expected from temperature-controlled packaging.

Kalibox has developed a high level of expertise in the area of temperature-controlled packaging, but also a thorough knowledge of thermal mapping projects, pharma-logistics distribution networks, temperature conditions during transit and Regulatory requirements for cold chain.

We believe that understanding your specific requirements is a crucial criteria to create value for our clients. Thus, Kalibox actively collaborates with its customers to select and design the best solutions.

Superior Performance

Kalibox prides itself on superior performances, using high-level insulation materials, based on state-of-the-art technology, and thanks to a continual investment policy in R&D.

Supported by Oseo-Anvar (a French innovation promotion agency), Kalibox has developed numerous applications in the cold chain process. A significant part of our budget is devoted to the development of insulated solutions in order to precisely address market expectations.

We measure and monitor all our packaging performances in our laboratory, and are totally transparent in relation to our customers. In doing so, we guarantee a high level of security for your products.

Long Term Relationship

We hold ourselves to the highest of ethical standards in all aspects of our business. We conduct our work with dedication to quality and a high degree of transparency.

We always ensure that insulated packaging can obtain the right quality performance that you need, aiming towards a long term relationship.

We work hard every day to keep the trust of all our customers.