Flat-Pack Insulated Pallet Shipper

Flat Pack Insulated Shipper

Designed for Export shipments.

Autonomy: about 96h.

Container qualified and tested against several ambient temperature profiles, simulating numerous transit conditions and a broad range of air freight export shipments.

Product Features
  • A robust insulated structure composed of six polyurethane foam panels assembled using an innovative patented plastic angles concept.
  • Easy opening and loading options (all panels are removable).
  • Clever glide rail system keeps thermal stabilizers securely positioned at sides and on top of loads.
  • Reinforced floor can accommodate an 80 x120 or 100 x 120 pallet.
  • Containers are delivered flat – packed.
Technical features
  • Internal Capacity:
    • Designed for 80×120 or 100 x 120 pallet
  • Standard Applications:
    • +2/+8°C; +2/+25°C; +15/+25°C
    • Economical alternative for bulk shipments
  • High level of security:
    • Qualification by an Accredited* testing laboratory & using realistic T° profiles (*Cofrac)
  • Optimized Logistic:
    • flat-pack concept, four containers stacked on a pallet
  • Assembling time:
    • Two minutes
    • Reusable system