Insulated Pallet Shipper

Insulated Pallet shipper

A packaging solution to protect thermo-sensitive bulk shipments that is a cost-efficient alternative compared to active cooling transportation. It’s a door-to-door solution instead of airport-to-airport services with one single solution for both summer and winter. It boasts a simple packing procedure thanks to the loading from the front and no defrosting protocol needed.

Product Features
  • Large capacity packaging for bulk shipments
  • European or worldwide shipments
  • Single configuration for winter & summer
  • Autonomy up to five days
  • Temperature range: +2 to +8°C (+36 to 46°F) or +15 to 25°C (+59 to 77 °F)
Technical Features
  • Insulating structure: High density polyurethane foam panels
  • Thermal conductivity coefficient: 0,022 W/m.K
  • Pre-assembled, ready to use system including the pallet
  • The front loading of the pallet enables easy loading and unloading
  • Specific cooling devices adapted to the system
  • Capacity from 200L up to 1500L
“This is definitely a cost efficient solution for our international door-to-door shipments.”
Philip, Supply Chain Manager, Pharma, UK.
“QP tests confirmed that shipments were well-protected for overseas destinations.”
Emma, QA Department, Biotech, Ireland.