Patient Cooling Bag

Patient Cooling Bags

“Nomadic” solutions to facilitate home treatments. By securing the transportation of temperature sensitive medicines, cooling bags facilitate the implementation of a home treatment. The product ensures the continuity of treatment in situations like business trips and vacation periods. Cooling bags are validated up to 12 hours.

Product Features
  • The qualification of the device guarantees a high level of security for the treatment
  • The cooling bag offers real ease of use for the patient’s everyday life
  • Cooling bags are validated for both warm & cold conditions
  • Simple packing procedure
Technical Features
  • Multiple layer concept including: Polyester film, aluminum polyester film, polyethylene foam
  • Thermal conductivity coefficient: 0.34 W/m.k
  • Sealed zip for improved insulation
  • Personalisation: colour, logo printing options
“The cooling travel bag provides real comfort and additional security for the home treatment of our patients.”
Stéphanie, Marketing Department, Biotech, France.
“The rigorous Kalibox qualification protocol ensures a high level of control right up to the point of use of our medicines.”
Hans, QA Manager, Pharma, NL.