Virtual Coffee Break – Working Vacation Anyone?

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At CSafe Global, we believe a key part of why we are so successful is due to our internal Support Team members. They are experts and on-call 24 hours a day to resolve any issues, many that can be handled in a simple email or phone conversation. Need on-site assistance? Matt’s story is an example of how far members of the CSafe Global Support Team will go to meet customer needs and expectations, even if it means taking a working detour while on vacation.

Meet Matt

Matthew Wallace is a member of the CSafe Global Active Systems Technical Support Team operating out of the Corporate Headquarters. Matt has over ten years of experience working with customers and service providers around the globe.

Matthew Wallace, CSafe Technical Support

Matt’s Story

Days before he was scheduled to leave for vacation in Portland Oregon, a customer request for temperature data from a previous shipment was received. Having used a CSafe RKN Active Temperature Controlled ULD on a shipment, they needed operational data collected as soon as possible. The unit was in Seattle when the request came through and wasn’t scheduled to be returned to the service location for a few more days.

Because this was time-sensitive issue, Matt was quick to respond, “I was leaving for vacation in Portland the next day.”  He agreed as soon as he arrived in Portland for his vacation, he would drive to Seattle to retrieve the requested data for the customer.

So, he rented a car, drove to the location of the unit, collected the requested data and drove back to Portland the next day to begin his vacation. “We were able to send the requested data to the customer in a timely manner and without issue,” Matt says.

Matt is active in his community, having coached youth basketball, soccer and baseball. He is a member of his hometown’s community foundation and has served as a mentor of 11 and 12-year-old boys. He enjoys participating in physical activities such as weightlifting, sports and most outdoor activities. He is a firm believer that living a healthy and productive lifestyle is the key to happiness.

Matt says, “It gives me immense pleasure to provide technical assistance to customers to ensure their trust and comfort with utilizing CSafe Global cold chain solutions.  I strive to perform my job in a way that exemplifies the CSafe Global culture so that we can offer trusted solutions for all customer needs.” Matt shares that taking time to strengthen family bonds is the most important aspect of his life. Professionally, taking time out of vacation was all in a day’s work for Matt. His commitment to strengthening the bonds between CSafe Global and our customers is a perfect example of the unparalleled performance of the CSafe Support Team.